Sourcing, Valuations and Auctions

  • Sourcing and Procurement KEERS Technlogies continiously sources ATE and SMT equipment. We buy for cash, we trade-in and we consign. Which option is most atractive for our customers can be specific to your needs. Do you need fast removal of your equipment, have the need for additional equipment, have a high residual value on your books, all cases are different and we offer creative options that will give you the higest benefits.

    The profit in the brokered SMT and ATE market is determined by the high sale and low buy of equipment. But why settle for a low residual value while your equipment might be still very atractive, thus valuable, on the market? We offer dedicated consignment agreements where you as our customer shares in the profitability of a system sale.

  • Valuations and Appraisel ServicesDetermining the fair market value of equipment is not always an easy task. KEERS Technologies is for years continuously involved in sales and procurement of SMT and ATE equipment for the electronics industry. With a long history in this industry KEERS Technologies offers a solid partnership for your financial questions concerning the real value of your equipment.
  • AuctionsIn case of insolvency, facility closure or business changes KEERS Technologies offers services to sell your equipment through an Auction. Either hosted by our on-line Auction service platform or in combination with other large worlwide auction houses.