MIRTEC AOI Portfolio

Mirtec offers a portfolio of Desktop and In-Line AOI systems.

Desktop AOI In-Line AOI In-Line SPI
MV-2GL MV-3 Series MV-7Xi MV-9 2D/3D MS-11

Starting with the entry level MV-2GT Series Mirtec offers a low cost entry for automated optical inspection with performance that is still unsurpassed in the market for it’s price level.

Mirtec’s MV-3 offers the same performance and features as the in-line MV-7 in a desktop package. Here options include high performance 10MP camera’s, angled side camera’s, laser solutions for lifted leads and coplanarity testing, Not Good Marker and many more options.

The MV-7Xi 2D/3D system is the Industry’s most Technologically Advanced AOI systemand winner of the 2011 Global Technology Award. The system can be configured with a state-of-the-art 15 Mega Pixel top-down camera.

The MS-11 is Mirtec answer to the ever growing demand for 3D Paste inspection. using either the 10 or 15 Mega Pixel camera’s offering 10 Micron resolution and 2 Micron hight accuracy.