New office and Warehouse in 2015

One year after we moved into our current 200 m2 warehouse and office we need to adapt to the increased business levels. We will start building our new office with a conditioned warehouse, demo facilities for complete manufacturing lines and workspace to continue to facilitate our growth shortly after this summer and expect to move early 2015.

It’s AOI time

Our demo room is currently equiped with an off-line MV-3 with a 10Mp 5 camera setup and the High-end 15Mp 2D/3D MV-9 in-line AOI systems.

Please contact us to schedule a demo on your boards.

Another Milestone Reached

Only 3,5 years after our company started KEERS Technologies reached another milestone today. We moved to our own company building centraly located in the Netherlands.

Our building consists of a warehouse for our used and new SMT systems, a demo room to show new and used equipment in life working condition, a packaging area for our spare parts and SMT feeder business and sufficent office space to accomodate our organization.


Building Warehouse Started

Today a first step was made in the construction of our warehouse and office space. With equipment storage currently all over Europe we will finally be able to store and demo the equipment also in our own facility in the Netherlands.

The expected move will be by the end of this year. All in all a major step forward in growing our European organization.

On the right a photo taken of inserting the concrete pillars (9,5 meter) into

KEERS Technologies builds new warehouse and office space

After a very succesful 2011 KEERS Technologies will move into a new building during 2012.

We expect to move shortly after summer 2012. The 200 m2 warehouse will accomodate storage for our SMT and ATE equipment, a demo room for the new equipment as well as office space.


Mirtec AOI Systems Distributed by KEERS Technologies

KEERS Technologies will represent Mirtec’s full line of AOI and SPI inspection systems and technologies throughout the BeNeLux. 

XJTAG, appointed KEERS Technologies as Technology Partner

XJTAG,a leading supplier of IEEE Std. 1149.1 compliant boundary scan development tools, appointed KEERS Technologies as their new Technology Partner in the Benelux.


For KEERS Technologies this is a logical step. Elfried Keers commented; “ Our organization has a clear focus on Test and Inspection tools in the electronics manufacturing industry. Boundary Scan tools are an integral part of that. We now have offerings that cover the R&D to Manufacturing environment with market leading products and tools”.


XJTAG’s VP of Business development, Joao De Oliveira, stated that XJTAG has a clear goal of addressing both the R&D side as well as the manufacturing side of the Electronics industry. KEERS Technologies offers a clear path towards this with a strong background in both the R&D as well as the Manufacturing Industry segments.

Lewis and Clark Inc, PRT Service GMBH and KEERS Technologies B.V. join forces in Europe

Due to the still growing demand of fully refurbished In-Circuit Test Systems and on-site support services in Europe Lewis and Clark, PRT Service and KEERS Technologies decided to join forces Our Regional Sales, Support and Services Infrastructure is expanding to cover the needs of our customers, said Elfried Keers, Director of KEERS Technologies. Partnering with PRT Service is a logical step forward for our organization. Not only do we now offer refurbished Agilent ATE systems and on-site support but also offer ICT systems and support for Teradyne and other ATE brands. While the OEM´s continue to downsize we see opportunities to increase our footprint further in Europe.


Focus on Quality. That is our key strategy. We invest a lot in people and processes to maximize our customers systems uptime. Our service organization for example is ISO 9001 certified and DIN EN ISO 17025 accredited. What is the added value for the customer here? We supply traceable on-site calibrations. Said Sebastian Willer, Director at PRT Service. This for a multitude of customers throughout Europe.

We stock spare parts for all 3070 configurations installed, even the older series that are out of support by the OEM are no problems for us.

Cut your 3070 and 5DX support cost by half!

Now available: our full list of spare parts for the 3070 and 5DX systems. Parts are available for Straight Buy, Repair Exchange or Repair Return. Click here for the 3070 Spare Parts list Click here for the 5DX Spare Parts list

KEERS Technology ads business segment: Feeders

In line with the business expansion strategy into the electronics manufacturing industry KEERS Technologies will expand their business with a line of refurbished feeders for a multitude of placement systems.

“The feeder business is an interesting addition to our portfolio of Manufacturing Test and Inspection tools”, Elfried Keers commented.

In partnership with Lewis and Clark the portfolio will include a low cost alternative to new Pick and Place feeders without reducing quality or performance, the company said.