Mirtec INTELLISYS Total Quality Management System

Mirtec offers a full portfolio of Software tools integrating your MV-3 and MV-7 AOI or MS-11 SPI system in your Program Development, Repair Environment and Quality Environment.

The software suite promotes continuous process improvement by allowing the manufacturers to track and eliminate defects on inspected assemblies. Intellisys also provides remote debugging and monitoring of up to eight production lines, allowing MIRTEC customers to further maximize the efficiency of the inspection process. Typical programming time is under one hour per assembly. The standard SPC software package promotes continuous process improvement by allowing the user to track and eliminate defects on inspected assemblies.


Remote SPC


  • Defect Analysis of inspection results and overall production results
  • Detailed statistical analysis by date, machine, model, module and part
  • Data abstraction displays statistical distribution
  • Real time monitoring and alarm generation

Repair Plus

Repair Plus offers a remote repair environment for off-line repair.


  • Repair can be performed on any computer connected to the local network
  • Central Database manages several machines
  • Complete detailed PCB information is available


Remote Management

Remote Management (RMS) is used to collectively manage the operation and state of the AOI machines in production in remote sites. When defects occur in the manufacturing lines these can be judged and controlled from the remote site. This tool also offers real time monitoring functions like defect rate per line.


  • Remote checkup and control of AOI system state
  • Monitoring and analysis of the machine state.
  • Real time integrated management



Off-line Teaching Tool

OLTT offers an off-line environment for developing your programs without the need for full time access on a system. The PCB is entered into your MV-3 or MV-7 and the SW will scan the board with a combination of all camera’s and lighting that is available on the system. The rest of the programming is then done on a remote station saving valuable test capacity for the line.