MYDATA Agilis Feeders and more


Item Description
 Manufacturer  Mydata
 Product  8mm, 12mm and 16mm Agilis Feeders and more
 Status  More than 1200 units in stock!! Also ask us for our Agilis Feeder repair/exchange program
 Additional data  Agilis Feeders

8mm Yellow Insert L-014-1319 Agilis Feeder 8 4.7 Available > 300
8mm White Insert L-014-1320 Agilis Feeder 8 4.0 Available > 200
8mm Red Insert L-014-1321 Agilis Feeder 8 5.4 Available > 200
8mm Green Insert L-014-1395 Agilis Feeder 8 3.7 Available > 80
8mm Black Insert L-014-1428 8mm Black Insert Available
12mm Black L-014-1552 Agilis Feeder 12 Adjustable Available > 10
16mm Black L-014-1553 Agilis Feeder 16 Adjustable Available > 10
12mm Yellow L-014-1490 Agilis Feeder 12 8.5 Available > 100
16mmYellow L-014-1492 Agilis Feeder 16 12.5 Available > 100
Also avaiable: Magazines
 Agilis Magazines
M8 Magazine Agilis M8 Available > 10
LM8 Magazine L-014-1561 Agilis LM8 Available > 20
LM1216 Magazine L-014-1562 Agilis LM1216 Available > 20
 Black Magazines
VMF30 Magazine L-014-0016B VIBRATORY MAGAZINE, can hold up to 18 8mm sticks, depends on tubeforks fitted
TM8C Magazine L-014-0001D fixed setup of 16 * 8mm
TM12C Magazine L-014-0002D fixed setup of 8 * 12mm
TMFLEX Magazine L-014-0442E for flexible feeder set-up, max 17 modules
TM24D Magazine L-014-0004D fixed setup of 5*24mm + 1*8mm
TM1216C L-014-0006D fixed setup of 4*12mm + 4*16mm
 All our feeders come with a 30 day Defect return warranty.
 Condition  In good working condition. Refurbished as new.
 Location  Europe
 Terms  30 day, NG return warranty
 Availability  Now
 Downloads: MYDATA Agilis datasheet
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